Comparing my favorite class to my least favorite class.

My favorite class is my health class. We get to know the body and all that it can take in today’s society. It’s not a boring class because we’re constantly discussing ways that people lose weight, exercising, and changing their eating habits. When shopping for groceries at the market everyone should notice the labels and read them. My least favorite class would be algebra. He’s a nice Christian hearted man who’s dealing with some sort of ailment that is slowing him down physical and beginning to be mentally. He makes the class very boring due to him moving and even talking slowly. He’s always saying the same thing two or three times and I know he can’t help it.


Responding to “Two ways of see a river”

The more mark twain watched the river, the more he grew apart from it. He had been around the river all his life. After he became so attached to the river due to it’s beauty, he wanted to become a riverboat pilot. He knew that after doing this for so long that it was still a dangerous job and that someone or even himself could be killed. From his description of the things in and around the river as he saw daily when riding up and down the river, mark twain felt this was no longer for him. I feel the same way about my neighborhood as a child. There’s no reason to keep visiting when it only gets worse.

How I think writing this paper compares with the first one.

Comparing to writing this paper, this one seemed better. I was trying to correct my errors that caused major deductions in the previous papers. After learning what My thesis was to do for my paper, along with punctuations, and citations, maybe the remainder of the essays might be sufficient enough for a passing grade. I thought I put a lot of work into these papers to produce a decent paper.

rant about something or someone.

I get very upset when I’m out and about and see mother’s of small children or babies that still use baby bottles or juice cups that don’t have a cap on the nipple to protect it from germs. Then there’s the babies or toddlers that wear diapers or pull ups that look like they’ve have them on all week long. I be wanting to ask them to change the baby, because it looks very puffy and nasty. These children didn’t ask to be here and seems they could do better about taking care of these little people, especially when they’re out in public.

The process of writing a paper

Since I’ve been away from the classroom, for me the process of writing a paper is like walking up a hill when you’re on oxygen. I know what I want to write about, what I want to say and how I want to go about doing it, but there’s a chain of commands that I’ve got to go through to perfect the right kind of paper .Choosing the right topic could take awhile, according to what type paper is due. The introduction has to shine in order to keep the reader alert. The thesis puts the paper on the map by saying what’s really about to take place.  The bodies or the meat of the paper is layed out in three paragraphs. The conclusion takes me back to what really happened in the paper. It was hard work and I enjoyed it because it took me places I needed to see.

What a best fried should be

A best friend should be someone you can count on through thick and thin, a friendship that should never end, when you are weak they should be there. They should be able to feel your pain when confiding in them. When you feel you’re standing all alone they should be able to tell you something of comfort. We involve each other with things that should only go as far as the both of us.

The kindness of a stranger I’ve never seen

Trying  to book a flight for me and my family at the last minute to attend a family reunion. The desk attendant assured me there wasn’t anything available for ten people that was going to Scotch Plains, New Jersey on such a short notice. She told me to call her back in an hour and I told her that I didn’t have an hour because I could check with another airline. She told me to be patient and she would see what she could do which was nothing but I thanked her for what she did do by getting us a flight early the next morning. I sent her a thank you card after the reunion to show her that I was very appreciative for what she had done for me and my family.