My perfect vacation

My perfect vacation would be to visit my son and his family in Hawaii. I have a set of six month old triplets that I haven’t seen since February. I would like for my partner in crime to accompany me on my trip, who is my eight year old granddaughter from Atlanta, Georgia. Reservations would be made a month in advance, because we’ll be staying for a month. After arriving in Maui, and spending a considerable amount of time with the family, Amaree, my granddaughter and I will take a tour of the island, and a few days of relaxing time on the beach. We plan to get massages done outside in the nice tropical air while drinking lemon waters. After a few days of this relaxation, I’ll get back to enjoying my grand babies. I also plan to give my son and daughter in law a weekend along somewhere to enjoy the adult life again.My grand daughter and I will organize the times for feedings, diaper changes, baths, and sleep time according to, it shouldn’t be that hard. Then I’ll take some me time along after the parents return and just take the beautiful sites of Maui.


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