Things that really drive me crazy

It upsets me to when I’m out shopping or being here and I have to use the rest room, and it’s dirty. Every time that  I need to use the restroom it’s never clean. I was at Walmart on Friday and went into the bathroom, and it looked and smelled awful. It hadn’t been cleaned, the toilets weren’t flushed, and paper was all over the floor.These places that I’m going in shouldn’t be this nasty, because they are a major business where people are going to have to use the bathroom. There should be a certain time that these facilities are to checked and cleaned. Here at the school in the mornings the bathroom looks pretty decent, until the afternoon, then it’s a mess. I know this is somebody’s job.


One thought on “Things that really drive me crazy

  1. samanthabvance

    Preach On! I try not to have to use public restrooms, but sometimes you just have to, and it would be nice to be able to depend on somewhere like Walmart having a usable restroom. Great rant!


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