The worst example of teaching

First of all the class room is full of students and the teacher runs in the class minutes later with all kinds of excuses. Then she’s looking like she’s been out all night with these big clothes on where she said she lost weight and hadn’t went shopping for new clothes. Her hair is wet and hadn’t been combed. She finally got around to teaching for about an hour then she starts  talking about things that doesn’t concern the class. Handouts weren’t about the class, she wrote stuff on the board that should’ve been handouts. I couldn’t see how she became a teacher and I still don’t. students would walk in and out of the class when they wanted to , they were taking on cell phones while she was suppose to be teaching. I hope I never see her again, no disrespect.


The writing process that was most helpful

The most helpful part of the writing was understanding the thesis. After I grasped what I thought was my problem with writing these papers it seemed to get easier in choosing what I was to write about and how I was to organize it in an outline. Putting it into the introduction made me realize that I was making it harder than it really was. This is the part of the paper where what’s most important is to take place.

The major argument in “Fixing what isn’t broken”

I think the major argument is whether to have your animal spayed or neutered, due to having over burden animal shelters, and the pain and suffering of an unwanted pet. I don’t think that the writer made his or her case because if it was easily done as said in the spaying and neutering of animals, to a problem with the responsibility of having a cat or dog. Even though the surgery is considered cheap, and what they think may be best for the animal, owners love their pets and don’t want to see the personality of their animals change in any way.

Why I chose the topic that I’ve written about

Should grandparents be parents? I chose this topic due to seeing and hearing about death of parents, divorcing parents, and parents that have been incarcerated and no longer is caring for their biological children. This brings the poor old grandparents out of retirement or pretending they have an ailment so they or another family member can care for the children. I don’t feel like grandparents should be parents a second time around due to parenting not being like it was the first time, they were younger with more energy. when you’re older and have to keep up with a younger generation it’s a wear and tear on the body. The grandparents always accepts the challenge of caring for a love one such as a grandchild to insure that they are cared for the right way and without being in the care of the state.

Something I’ve taken a strong stand about

I’ve taken a strong stand against my son and daughter n law about bringing my grand babies home. the mother to me is not capable of caring for these babies alone. I know they’re her babies, she doesn’t know anyone near where they live and the hospital is at least an hour away. Every time that my son leaves for the field he calls and ask if one of the grandparents would be willing to stay with the wife and children for awhile until it’s near time for his return. I’m tired of spending money that I’m saving for my retirement when she can bring her you know what home and get all this help here to care for my babies. Grandparents have rights to, and I’m just about to use my rights in a way no one will be happy about.

An altercation between me and a family

A cousin of mine rented a bungalow for a week-end about six months ago to go to a casino. I had to work that particular time so I told them I wouldn’t be able to go. They kept insisting that I go because the trip wouldn’t be as fun unless I went along. I really didn’t want to take off when I’m suppose to work because I know how it can be working short staffed. The sponsor of the trip got mad with me and none of them has spoken to me yet, who cares. I’ve since been to the casino in Gulfport, Mississippi with my best friend and I’m sure they knew about it and I don’t care.

The differences in my two favorite deserts

The differences in my two favorite deserts are they’re different fruits. They are basically prepared the same. You make the dough the same, the fruit is prepared and cooked the same way and they take just about the same time to cool before trying to eat them. Both the ingredients are made from scratch. One is a peach cobbler and the second desert is a apple pie which I put whip cream on top of both before eating.